We have multiple events that bring the developer community together and contribute to each other’s web3 endeavors.

monthly Meet-ups

Once a month, we meet to catch up, share good stuff, and keep community connections.


Regular classes on blockchain theoretical aspects and hands-on solidity development classes. Classes are mainly in Amharic language and optionally in English if someone in the class understands English better.

Live Web3 coding sessions

Once or twice we will go live coding with anyone interested, it will be in Amharick and English language.

Upcoming Events


In September 2024, we are prepared to organize the first Ethereum community event in Ethiopia.


In September, we will have developers hack on challenging issues bring cool solutions, and contribute to the community.


Seminars by industry experts and leaders will be held to give you something you will very much appreciate about web3 space.

Let us know

Which event is the most interesting to you? Is there a topic or an area of discussion you’re looking forward to having in any of the upcoming events? or even if you have any new event suggestions, feel free to let us know.

Events Summary


Join our high-energy hackathons and collaborate with top developers to build innovative Web3 solutions.


Engage in insightful seminars by industry experts and expand your knowledge of Web3 development trends.

Devconnect Eth

Connect with the Ethereum developer community at Eth-DevConnect events to network and learn from peers.