Our Journey began with…

The Genesis Block

It began with a wish list item: “I wish I had nice people to collaborate with; people to learn from and them from me, and comfortably have a productive time”.

When you walk with others in the learning space, you walk faster, deeper, and wider… 👀

If that makes sense to you, we think alike 🙂. Yeah, you should join us here and now!

The Team

Mearaf T.

Team Lead, Web3 Dev & Trainer.

Meron B.

Web3 events, contents.

Kaleb B.

Web3 Dev & Trainor.

Eyasu B.

Dev & Assistant Trainer.

Dawit M.

Web3 Research, media.

Talk to Us

Want to check on something with us, have any questions, or do you have decent stuff you want to share?

We appreciate hearing from you!